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Our Mission -

Give you the most money for your unwanted electronics. That’s it.

Why Cash Your Tronics

We know we are not the only ones you can sell your unwanted items to, but we like to think we are the best ones (or at least that’s what our moms tell us.)

Our platform is easy to use and most of all, we will give you the best price for your unwanted items. Again, it’s that simple. Find your item, get a quote, send in your stuff and get your cash. Our belief is that you should get a fair price for your items, so if you think your instant quote looks low, just contact us. One of our employees will work with you to make sure you are getting a fair price.

About Us

What started as a desire to solve a problem, has now turned into a dream job for the founders of Cash Your Tronics. After attempting to sell back an older IPHONE 4 and a DSLR camera on one of the buy back sites, it quickly became apparent that the prices were UNFAIR. That’s when we decided enough was enough and we can offer consumers more money for their unwanted items, through a simple interface and that’s how Cash Your Tronics was born. We have stuck to our mission ever since, give you the most money for you unwanted electronics. That’s it.